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USB stick not showing in any PC or laptop

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USB stick not showing in any PC or laptop


I have a USB stick that has suddenly stopped being recognised at all by both my laptop at home and PC at work (both MS). It's a high quality USB stick (not one that requires a power source). I always use the proper eject method when removing it from the computer. But suddenly, as of this week, neither my lap top nor my PC at work recognise it at all. I dont mean they display a message saying it's not recognised; I mean it doesnt show up at all in the file manager, nor with any icon, nor the usual "ding" when I insert a USB device. So what can I do please? Obviously I would like to get the data off it. There is no obvious sign of damage, and I keep the stick in a case when going between office and home


Please help  


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[email protected]
4 years ago
Feb 23, 2018
03:01 AM

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