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Privacy Policy

In order to demonstrate our relentless commitment to the privacy and satisfaction of our users, we have created the following privacy policy. All necessary disclosures about the methodology for gathering and usage of information will be found here.

User Information

Unless specifically requested by the user, we do not sell, rent, or give away any personally-identifiable information about our users to any third-party.

Any posting to, such as a Timeshare resale/rental listing, or a Forum post, will be made publically available. Any other contact information will be kept private, allowing a SellerLink member to contact you via the forms available on a listing or forum page. Your e-mail address will not be exposed until you reply.

Any correspondence sent through will expose your e-mail address to the party you contacted so that you may engage in more direct communication.

If we run any promotions or campaigns in partnership with a third-party such as a resort developer, you may be given the option to receive more information. Only upon your strictly optional decision to participate will your contact information be given to such a third-party. All such promotions shall be clearly marked, and explained so that you never feel as though you have been tricked into participating.

Internal Use and Security

Non-personally identifiable information may be stored in cookies on your computer. These allow us to provide secure authentication for your account as well as allow us to collect valuable data regarding your visit to our site and use them to deliver content and services that are relevant to you. Any data that we collect from you is used strictly for internal purposes.

Additionally, any personally-identifiable information including credit card information, will only be transmitted between your computer and our servers through a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which encrypts all of the information and keeps it in a highly secure environment, to prevent unauthorized exposure. We highly encourage all users to prevent unauthorized use of their password by logging off when finished using

Conditions of Contact by Staff

As a registered user, you may receive our monthly e-mail newsletter, information associated with activities on the site (password requests, posting notices, and alerts, renewals, etc), and any other subscriptions you request.

Advertising and third party links

Some advertisers and affiliate partners may request information directly from you, or link to sites that do so. We do not endorse or have control over content or policies of third party Web sites.

Updates to our information practices

We may need to make changes to our information practices or alter the functionality of our Web site. You are responsible for staying alert of changes in this policy.

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